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An annual calendar produced by Stark County Job & Family Services is a constant reminder that adoption is a year-round issue for the children who wait for a permanent home. Read more: http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20141229/News/141229340#ixzz3NxoCMYGF
Meet Tammy Brady, who is one of our wonderful foster and adoptive parents: "The missing piece in my life was placed in my arms after I took the first step to become licensed as a foster/adoptive parent. My goal was to become a mother, but I also liked the idea of helping any child that God would place in my path on that journey. I had a home to share and a lot of love to give a child, never realizing the blessings I'd receive in return. My first call for a placement came just a day after I received my license - a fragile, abused baby boy who needed me as much as I needed him. Saying goodbye a year later was heartbreaking, but sadness has been replaced with sweet memories and sincere gratitude for having ever met him. And then came a call for a tiny baby girl - my little princess. Her first word was "Mama", my new name that would be made official at her adoption a year later! Fostering opened the door to our happily ever after and dreams do come true!"
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