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Human Services

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The Human Services Division of Job and Family Services provides many services to those in need in Stark County.  Our programs are structured to assist in providing financial stability, allowing county residents to meet their individual and family health and nutritional needs. 

Here are some of the services that Humam Services offers:

Latest News
An annual calendar produced by Stark County Job & Family Services is a constant reminder that adoption is a year-round issue for the children who wait for a permanent home. Read more: http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20141229/News/141229340#ixzz3NxoCMYGF
Meet Tammy Brady, who is one of our wonderful foster and adoptive parents: "The missing piece in my life was placed in my arms after I took the first step to become licensed as a foster/adoptive parent. My goal was to become a mother, but I also liked the idea of helping any child that God would place in my path on that journey. I had a home to share and a lot of love to give a child, never realizing the blessings I'd receive in return. My first call for a placement came just a day after I received my license - a fragile, abused baby boy who needed me as much as I needed him. Saying goodbye a year later was heartbreaking, but sadness has been replaced with sweet memories and sincere gratitude for having ever met him. And then came a call for a tiny baby girl - my little princess. Her first word was "Mama", my new name that would be made official at her adoption a year later! Fostering opened the door to our happily ever after and dreams do come true!"
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