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Non-Union Employment Benefits

Hourly & Management Positions

Insurance Options/Comparison

Full time employees are eligible for health care benefits effective the first day of the following month of employment.


MUTUAL HEALTH SERVICES-PPO (All papers processed by Doctors)
Doctors Choice:   In Panel or a higher charge
Monthly Charge:    Single  Family
 $98.02  $250.74
Medical & Prescription Only $90.18 $230.68
Dental & Vision Only $7.84 $20.06
Annual Deductible: $250 $500
Prescription Card:  $5 Generic  $25 Name Brand
Mail in (Caremark) 90-day supply  $10 Generic  $45 Name Brand
Co-Insurance:  In Panel  Out of Panel
80% / 20% Higher charge
Dental & Vision Yes, EyeMed (Limited to listing)

Life Insurance
You will be covered by $10,000 Hartford Life. Your cost is a $1.20 monthly charge via payroll deduction.

Supplemental Life
Employees have the option to purchase supplemental life insurance through Hartford Life. 

Flexible Spending Accounts & Voluntary Benefits Program

FSA'S/Voluntary Benefits
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and pre-tax Voluntary Benefits programs can be purchased on a payroll deduction basis. Business Benefits of Ohio, Northwest Group Services (NWGS) and Colonial Life are the companies who manage the programs.There is no cost to the employee to establish one or more of these accounts, and participation is completely voluntary.

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Health Care Expense Reimbursement
  • Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement
  • Parking Expense Reimbursement

Voluntary Benefits

  • Short Term Disability - income protection insurance replaces a portion of your income if you become unable to work because of a covered illness or injury. This income can help you to continue paying: mortgage or rent payments — utility bill and other household expenses—food, clothing and other necessities—co payments or co-insurance—medical cost not covered under other plans—travel and lodging expenses for treatment.
  • Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care - provides a death benefit that can be paid to your beneficiaries tax-free. Offers flexible premiums and death benefit amounts. Builds cash value at current credited interest rates. Offers two plan options from which to choose. Provides access to the policy's cash value when needed. Includes an accelerated death benefit.
  • Accident Plan - designed to help you fill some of the gaps caused by increasing deductibles, co-payments and out-of- pocket costs related to an accidental injury.
  • Cancer Plan - helps protect yourself and your family from the high cost of cancer treatments. Pays regardless of any other insurance you have with other insurance companies. Benefits paid directly to you.
  • Critical Illness Plan - specified disease insurance helps fill the gaps in your health insurance. Benefits paid directly to you that can help you cover deductible, co-pays, home health care needs, travel expenses, lost income, rehabilitation, everyday living expenses, etc. 

Paid Time Off

You begin accruing paid time off on the first pay of employment and are eligible to take paid time off on the following stipulations:

Sick Time

  • Earned at the rate of 4.6 hours, per eighty hours of active pay status.
  • Unused sick leave accumulates without limit.

Vacation Time

You can begin using accrued vacation time after one year of service. Vacation time accrues based on your length of service.

Length of Service Vacation hours/year Accured hours per pay period
After one yr. but less than 7 yrs.  80 3.1 hours
7 yrs. but less than 14 yrs. 120 4.6 hours
14 yrs. but less than 21 yrs. 160 6.2 hours
21 yrs. but less than 28 yrs. 200 7.7 hours
28 yrs. or more 240 9.3 hours

Personal Days

After completion of one (1) year of service with the agency, one day is earned annually.  In addition, you can earn up to 3 days per year based on attendance during previous payroll year. If you use 8 sick leave hours or less, you earn 3 days; if you use more than 8 hours but less than or equal to 16 hours, you earn 2 days; and if you use more than 16 hours but less than or equal to 40 hours, earn one day.

Professional Days
You are entitled up to 3 days per year to attend seminars, workshops, conferences or other educational opportunities.

11 Paid Holidays
New Years, Martin Luther King, Presidents', Memorial, Independence, Labor, Columbus, Veterans', Thanksgiving/day after, and Christmas.

Employees who complete five (5) full years of agency service during the calendar year shall receive a longevity pay supplement of ($0.20) per hour.

after ten (10) full years.................$0.40
after fifteen (15) full years............$0.60
after twenty (20) full years............$0.80
after twenty-five (25) full years.....$1.00
after thirty (30) full years..............$1.20


Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
Your retirement requires just a 10% employee contribution. There are three plans to choose from: Traditional, Member Directed and Combined.

Deferred Compensation
You have State and County Retirement Investment Options. Contributions are payroll deducted on a tax deferred basis.

Tuition Reimbursement
Employees who complete their probation are eligible for 75% tuition cost reimbursement to an accredited university for job related and agency approved courses. There is an unlimited annual entitlement per employee. For tuition reimbursement, you must earn a grade of "C" or better in an undergraduate course and "B" or better in a grad- uate course. Tuition assistance must be requested and approved in advance to the class (es) starting. Repayment required if termination of employment within a three year period of the date of the issuance of the tuition reimbursement, the employee must reimburse the employer as follows:

1 year — 80% of the reimbursed amount.
2 years — 60% of the reimbursed amount.
3 years — 40% of the reimbursed amount

Leave Without Pay

Approved for two (2) incidents up to 16 hours within the first year of employment.

Direct Deposit
It is mandatory to have your paycheck directly deposited into any financial institution or credit union of your choice. You can also have your check deposited into multiple accounts.

Paid Breaks/Lunch
Employees who are scheduled to work seven (7) hours or more a day will receive an hour paid lunch period and two (2) ten minute paid breaks. 


Mileage reimbursement for use of privately owned automobiles will be made at the current reimbursement rate designated by the County Auditor, who will be guided by the Internal Revenue Service current reimbursement rate.

Job Classifications

  • Administrative Assistant 1 
  • Administrative Assistant 2
  • Administrator, Children's Network
  • Assistant Deputy Director, Children Services
  • Assistant Deputy Director, Legal Services
  • Attorney Supervisor, Administrative Hearings
  • Attorney Supervisor, Children Services
  • Chief Legal Counsel, Child Support Enforcement
  • Chief Legal Counsel, Children Services
  • Communications Administrator
  • Community Health Worker (Grant Funded)
  • Contract Manager
  • Deputy Director, Finance
  • Deputy Director, Child Support Enforcement
  • Deputy Director, Children Services
  • Deputy Director, Human Resources & Support Services
  • Deputy Director, Human Services 
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Director, SCJFS
  • Facilitator, Family Team Meetings
  • Financial Analyst
  • Fiscal Coordinator
  • Fiscal Officer 
  • Fiscal Specialist 
  • Legal Secretary
  • Network Administrator
  • Ombudsman
  • Program Administrator, Administrative/Support Services
  • Program Administrator, Child Support Enforcement
  • Program Administrator, Children Services
  • Program Administrator, Fatherhood Coalition
  • Program Administrator, Finance
  • Program Administrator, Human Services
  • Program Administrator, MIS
  • Program Director, Children's Network
  • Program Evaluator
  • Programmer
  • Recruiter, Foster/Adoptive Parents
  • SACWIS Coordinator
  • SETS Coordinator
  • Specialist, Human Resources
  • Specialist, Marketing/Recruitment
  • Specialist, MIS
  • Staff Accountant
  • Staff Attorney, Administrative Hearings
  • Staff Attorney, Child Support Enforcement
  • Staff Attorney, Children Services
  • Supervisor, Child Support Enforcement
  • Supervisor, Child Support Enforcement Training
  • Supervisor, Children Services
  • Supervisor, Children Services Fiscal Support
  • Supervisor, Children Services Training
  • Supervisor, Finance
  • Supervisor, Human Resources
  • Supervisor, Human Services
  • Supervisor, Human Services Fiscal Support
  • Supervisor, Human Services Training
  • Supervisor, IV E Eligibility
  • Supervisor, Maintenance/Housekeeping
  • Supervisor, MIS
  • Supervisor, SACWIS/Quality Improvement/Records Control
  • Supervisor, Support Services
  • System Administrator
  • Training Specialist, Children Services
  • Training Specialist, Human Services 
  • Training Supervisor, Children Services

Your Human Resources Staff

Kelly Lockhart, LSW
Deputy Director of Human Resources & Support Services

Dawn Brumbaugh-Spangler
Administrative Assistant

Katherine Savage, PHR
Supervisor, Human Resources


Haylee Alsept
Specialist, Human Resources


LaShawnn Brown
Specialist, Human Resources

For more information on benefits contact the Human Resource Department 


The Stark County Job and Family Services is a triple-combined agency consisting of three main divisions - Human Services, Children Services and the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

The Human Services Division provides income assistance, medical assistance, food assistance and job-related services to individuals and families in Stark County.

The Child Support Enforcement Agency is committed to providing quality child support services, including establishing paternity, setting or modifying support, enforcing the support and medical orders, monitoring collections and the disbursement of support obligations.

The Children Services Division serves the county's children and elderly who are at risk of abuse or neglect. We lead our community in preventative efforts and the protection of children and families throughout Stark County. 

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