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Administrative & Judicial Child Support Orders

Administrative Support Orders

If you have paternity established for your child(ren) but you do not have a child support order established, the local child support agency can provide this service to you.  The child’s parent, guardian, legal custodian, or the person with whom the child lives with can contact the local child support enforcement agency for assistance in having a child support order established formally.

Once both parties have been located, a hearing date will be set and both parties will be notified.  Cases that have not had prior court involvement will have their hearings held at the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) by an Administrative Hearing Officer.

At the hearing, the parties will be required to bring with them certain financial documents and information ( W-2 forms, tax returns, pay stubs, proof of day care and health insurance costs are a few) which are necessary to establish an order of child support.  The income will be input into the Ohio Child Support Guidelines.  The results of the hearing will be mailed out approximately four weeks after the hearing.  If either party disagrees with the amount of support which the agency determines by using the Ohio Child Support Guidelines they can object and request a court hearing and have their case heard through the court system.

If the custodial parent or the children receive cash assistance from Stark County Job and Family Services, they must cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement Agency in establishing medical and financial support for their children or their benefits may be sanctioned.

The agency cannot address custody or visitation issues in any manner.

Judicial Support Orders 

For orders established in Family Court, the process and information required is the same, but the hearing takes place at:

Stark County Family Court
110 Central Plaza S.
6th floor
Canton, OH 44702

What if we agree on a support amount?

Only Stark County Family Court has the ability to deviate from the Support Guidelines.  If a support hearing was held administratively, one or both parties must object within the specified time frames to the Stark County Family Court.

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