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About the children waiting to be adopted

The majority of the children waiting to be adopted are over the age of six. Those who await adoption under the age of six are usually part of a sibling group.

All of our children have experienced some level of abuse, neglect or loss. Despite all that has happened in their lives, most of the children in our permanent custody are just like any other children you know. They play, laugh and value friendships. Many are talented artists, musicians and athletes or may be gifted academically. Some may need specialized services to help them become more successful. They all have hopes and dreams for the future. They all deserve permanent, loving and committed families.

If you are interested in a specific child shown on our web site, please call 330-451-8789 to provide us with your contact information. Please note: We must receive your approved adoptive homestudy directly from your home agency to be considered for a waiting child. We regret that we cannot accept homestudies directly from prospective parents.

Information regarding our children can also be found on the Adopt US Kids website at www.adoptuskids.org.

For more information regarding The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy's Wonderful Kids Child-Focused Recruiters please visit www.davethomasfoundation.org.

A heart beside a child's name means he or she has been placed with a potential adoptive family.

Girls 9-18

Serenity Birthday: March, 2002
Serenity is artistic and enjoys reading, writing, music, photography, cooking, clothes and makeup. She also enjoys learning new things, watching YouTube, taking walks and running. Serenity is a 10th grader who enjoys school and spending time…
Contact: Emily Jones
Email Contact: Emily.Jones01@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330-451-8760
Zachariah Birthday: March, 2002
Zachariah, whose name is pronounced Za-Car-Uh, goes by her nickname, which is Z. She is a high school junior who thinks she might someday like to be a history teacher or an attorney. Zachariah is intelligent, independent, self-sufficient and…
Contact: Cayla Dunn
Email Contact: Cayla.Dunn@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330-451-8681
Brooke Birthday: November, 2002
Brooke describes herself as fun and nice and is proud that she speaks up for herself. Brooke loves to write, journal and color because they are relaxing activities. She also enjoys swimming, and reading teen romance novels. Brooke is in…
Contact: Rachel Weingart
Email Contact: Rachel.Weingart@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330-451-8730
Sierra Birthday: December, 2002
Sierra is very likable, smart and resourceful. She is caring and has a nurturing spirit and a desire to help children, those with special needs, and animals. Sierra is also artistic, funny and resilient. Her favorite school subject is science…
Contact: Kari Merrick
Email Contact: Kari.Merrick@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330.451.8812
Allysa Birthday: February, 2003
Allysa, a high schooler, says the word “kind” best describes her. She loves to learn and her favorite school subjects are math and science. Allysa plans to become a teacher. Allysa loves music and likes to sing, draw, play cards…
Contact: Darrylynn Hamilton
Email Contact: Darrylynn.Hamilton@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: (330) 451-8106
Eva Birthday: November, 2003 In adoptive status
Eva lists social studies as her favorite class and says she is a good writer. In fact, Eva has won honors for her writing. Her extracurricular activities include volleyball, Academic Challenge, Speech and Debate, and choir. Eva has been…
Contact: Rachel Weingart
Email Contact: Rachel.Weingart@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330.451.8730
Avaya Birthday: April, 2005
Avaya, whose nickname is Vay, is very caring and outgoing. She is 13 and a seventh grader whose favorite subject is math. Avaya loves dogs and thinks she would someday like to go to college and study to become a veterinarian. Avaya is a…
Contact: Emily Jones
Email Contact: emily.jones01@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330-451-8760
Rayannah Birthday: January, 2008
Rayannah,11, is a fifth grader whose nickname is Ray. She is funny, has a positive outlook and always tries to find the good in everything! Rayannah works hard, likes to keep things neat and tidy, loves to swim and is a very good dancer.…
Contact: Cayla Dunn
Email Contact: Cayla.Dunn@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: (330) 451-8681
Kiersten Birthday: October, 2008
Kiersten, describes herself as “colorful” and a “girly-girl” who loves making friends. Kiersten’s favorite school subject is art and she likes to color, draw, work on crafts and create sidewalk chalk art.…
Contact: Cayla Dunn
Email Contact: Cayla.Dunn@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone Contact: 330-451-8681
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