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Child Waiting For Adoption

Eric Birthday: May, 2004

  1. Contact Information

  2. Contact: Cayla Dunn
  3. Phone Contact: (330) 451-8681
  4. Email Contact: Cayla.Dunn@jfs.ohio.gov
  5. Eric is a respectful and friendly high school student. He does well academically and is very proud of his work ethic.  Obtaining an education is important to Eric because he would like to one day become a personal trainer. He is very active in sports, and plays on the football team in the positions of running back, safety, and defensive line.  He also enjoys playing basketball and baseball, as well as wrestling and track.

    In his spare time, Eric likes to work out, spend time with his friends, and watch TV.   He said the most amazing thing he’s ever done was a triple backflip on a trampoline!  Eric would like others to know that he has a good sense of humor and is great at making people laugh.  Someday, he would love to travel to Hawaii.

    Eric believes that it’s important for a family to support each other and always have each other’s best interests at heart.  He said families should spend time together “hanging out” or doing something exciting, like attending a big sports event.  Eric would love to have family in the stands at his future football games, to support and cheer him on!



    Children available through Stark County Job and Family Services may qualify for a variety of resources including financial support through federal or state subsidies, the medical card or funding to cover travel expenses and legal fees.  Eligibility is determined by each child’s specific special needs and is subject to change based on federal and state regulation. Eric's adoption worker will be happy to provide additional information regarding specific subsidy and resource eligibility.

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