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Sophia On adoptive status Birthday: January, 2011

  1. Contact Information

  2. Contact: Emily Jones
  3. Phone Contact: (330) 451-8760
  4. Email Contact: Emily.Jones01@jfs.ohio.gov

    *We are no longer accepting homestudies for Sophia at this time*

    Sophia, nine, is a bright and charming fourth grader with a radiant smile and a name she really likes. In fact, Sophia likes her name so much that she says she doesn’t need a nickname!

    Sophia enjoys school and likes being the student of the month. Math and reading are her favorite subjects and Sophia says, “I like reading everything!” Ask her what she likes most about school, though, and Sophia will quickly tell you lunch, even though her very favorite thing is to eat junk food and candy, which aren’t on the cafeteria menu.

    “Funny” and “a goof” are words Sophia says describe her. She likes to take walks, go to the park, color, play games like UNO and Connect 4, and watch YouTube and the movie Mary Poppins Returns. Playing with slime is high on Sophia’s list of fun things to do. She especially likes the weird noises she can make with slime!

    Sophia reports she is very good at writing stories and notes for people. She thinks she would someday like to be an artist and a mom.

    Sophia says a family is made of a lot of people who live in one house and take care of each other. She says families have lots of pets—dogs and cats and more dogs and cats!

    Has Sophia won your heart? If so, it is important for you to know that she would like to be adopted by a family that always helps their kids feel safe when they go to the hospital and who always loves their kids—even when they are having a very bad day.

    You may be wondering why such a lovely child is concerned about feeling safe going to the hospital and why she is looking for parents with compassion, patience and the ability to love during really tough times.

    Sophia’s wish for strong, understanding and patient parents is based on her wisdom and understanding of her needs, especially during the very bad days she sometimes faces. Sophia has been blessed in many ways. She also faces many serious medical and emotional challenges. In her wisdom, she knows it will take a very special and committed family to love her through both good and challenging times, to be strong when needed, and to be patient and compassionate for Sophia’s sake.



    Children available through Stark County Job and Family Services may qualify for a variety of resources including financial support through federal or state subsidies, the medical card or funding to cover travel expenses and legal fees.  Eligibility is determined by each child’s specific special needs and is subject to change based on federal and state regulation. Sophia's adoption worker will be happy to provide additional information regarding specific subsidy and resource eligibility.

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