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Cash Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Cash and Work Program/JOBS: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is potentially eligible for cash assistance?

A: Anyone who has custody of a minor child and meets the financial eligibility for the program.


Q: Am I potentially eligible for cash assistance if I am pregnant, but have no other children.

A: If you have no minor children in the home, but are 6 months pregnant, you may be eligible for cash assistance.  If you are less than 6 months pregnant and have no minor children, you are not eligible for cash assistance.


Q: How do I receive cash assistance?

A: In order to be eligible for cash assistance, you must apply for the benefit and complete an interview.  A JOBS assessment and submission of all required verifications are required before cash assistance will be issued, if the participant is eligible.


Q: What is the JOBS Program?

A: The goal of the JOBS Program is to assist our customers who are receiving OWF in obtaining Self Sufficiency and finding gainful employment.  Adults are required to participate with the JOBS Program to eliminate barriers, learn job readiness skills and complete work experience hours in the community.


Q: How many hours am I required to participate in the JOBS program?

A:  The requirements for the JOBS Program are customized based on household composition.


Q: What are my requirements if I have a medical condition?

A: The JOBS Program will assist participants who are medically unable to work to get them into appropriate and/or alternative activities in order to participate for their cash assistance.

Q: What if I am not able to participate with JOBS due to needing child care or do not have transportation?

A: The JOBS Program will assist you in applying for publically funded child care and issue you a work allowance if needed to help you get back and forth to your assignment.


Q: Do I have to cooperate with JOBS if I am already employed?

A: Yes, if you are getting cash assistance, you must cooperate with the JOBS program. Your assignment will be customized based on household composition. If your employment does not meet the required hours, you will be given an additional assignment.



A person who has difficulty speaking or understanding English, or who is hearing impaired and is not able to communicate effectively with county job and family services staff, has the right to an interpreter. The cost of the interpreter will be paid by the county department of job and family services. The county office must provide an interpreter to you if you need one.  Individuals may bring an interpreter with them, such as a bilingual friend or relative. However, friends and relatives who are not trained interpreters may not be able to accurately and completely translate some things the agency says. Minor children should never be used as an interpreter.

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