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How to Apply for Child Care Assistance

Applying for Publicly Funded Child Care

Applications for the Publicly Funded Child Care program are available at our offices, by clicking on Applications for Assistance, or by calling (330) 451-8155 and requesting an application by mail.  The application must be completed entirely.  All pages, including blank pages, must be submitted to the agency.  Failure to complete all sections or submit all pages will be considered an incomplete application and will result in delay of processing, lag in services, or a denial of the application.  


Approval or Denial 

Applications for the Publicly Funded Child Care program must be approved or denied within 30 days of being submitted to the agency.  Caretakers who are denied publicly funded child care services have the right to re-apply.  


Verification of all sources of income is required for each member of your family.  Acceptable forms of verification include:

  • Pay check stubs              
  • Employer’s statement                
  • Federal income tax records           
  • Official school schedule                
  • Letter of enrollment          

Reporting Requirements

Families approved for publicly funded child care are required to adhere to program responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, reporting (in writing to the agency) any changes in the following:

  • Qualifying activity and hours of participation      
  • Income (wages, child support, OWF, etc.)    
  • Family size (newborns, child turns 13, absent parent returns)       
  • Contact information (address, phone number)  

After the initial 12 months of eligibility, the family will be required to complete a 12-month review.  Failure to complete these reviews will result in termination of the family’s publicly funded child care.

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