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Child Care Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Publicly Funded Child Care: Frequently asked questions

Q:  Will my utility bills, insurance costs, and other household expenses be   deducted from my budget when determining my child care co-pay?  

A:  These expenses will not be deducted per program guidelines.  Child support payments, wage garnishments, and SSI payments may be deducted from your total gross income.  

Q:  May I use child care to complete court assigned community service or to do volunteer work?  

A:  No, child care services will only be authorized to participate in paid employment, accredited schooling / training, or assigned OWF activities.  

Q:  How long will it take before my children can start attending child care?  

A:  Generally, it takes between 3 to 10 business days for an application to be processed.  It may take longer if the application is incomplete or sufficient verifications are not submitted.  

Q:  If I am unhappy with the child care provider I have selected, may I take my child to a different provider?  

A:  Yes, but prior to using services at the new provider, you are responsible to follow the agency policy for switching providers.  Contact your child care worker for information.  All co-pays must be paid in full before a new provider will be authorized.  

Q:  If the father or mother of one of my children lives with me, am I still eligible for publicly funded child care?  

A:  Both parents will be responsible for the care of ALL children in the home.  Publicly funded child care will only be authorized when the parent’s schedules overlap.  If dad’s work schedule is 9am to 4pm and mom’s school schedule is 1pm to 6pm, mom would be responsible to drop-off the children with the child care provider and dad would be responsible to pick-up the children.  Publicly funded child care would only be authorized for the 3 hours that overlap from 1pm to 4pm.

Q:  What is a Qualifying Activity?

A:  The Publicly Funded Child Care program is available to income eligible families who are participating in one these qualifying activities: employment; enrolled in an approved training or education program; participating in an approved JOBS activity.               

Q:  What is a Co-payment?        

A:  Families participating in the program are required to pay for a portion of their child care cost, called a co-pay.  The co-pay is assigned by the agency and is based on the family’s gross monthly income (before taxes) and the family size.  The co-pay is paid to the child care provider once per billing cycle.  Co-pays are not prorated; either the cost of care or the co-pay is due each billing cycle. 



A person who has difficulty speaking or understanding English, or who is hearing impaired and is not able to communicate effectively with county job and family services staff, has the right to an interpreter. The cost of the interpreter will be paid by the county department of job and family services. The county office must provide an interpreter to you if you need one.  Individuals may bring an interpreter with them, such as a bilingual friend or relative. However, friends and relatives who are not trained interpreters may not be able to accurately and completely translate some things the agency says. Minor children should never be used as an interpreter.

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