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Disability Determination Area (DDA)

If an individual is not currently 65 or older, blind, or disabled as classified by the Social Security Administration, but has either applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or intends to apply, he or she may still qualify for Medicaid for the Disabled through the “DDA process.”

The DDA Area of the Office of Medical Assistance uses the Social Security disability rules to determine if an individual is disabled for Medicaid and Disability Financial Assistance (DFA).  In order to do this, an individual alleging a disability would apply for Medicaid and DFA through the county Department of Job and Family Services

An interview is conducted, either face to face or by phone, to gather the information required for DDA to make this determination. To best prepare for this interview please bring a list of the following information to your interview:

  • Name of alleged disability and list of current medications
  • Name, addresses of medical providers you have seen in last 18 months and dates of service 
  • List the types of diagnostic tests and/or treatments the individual has received for the condition, within the last 18 months
  • Please be able to explain how the disability prevents the applicant from working
  • List the last 5 years of work experience including name of employer, address, dates you worked for the employer and job duties performed.

If necessary, additional tests or exams may be ordered for the applicant.

These tests and exams are performed at no cost to the individual. 

If DDA determines that the applicant is disabled and the applicant meets all other Medicaid and DFA eligibility requirements, including applying for SSI and/or SSD, he or she would be approved for Medicaid for The Disabled and DFA.

If the individual receives a denial of  SSI and/or SSD because it was determined that he or she does not meet the Social Security disability rules, an appeal of that denial must be filed with Social Security in order to retain Medicaid and DFA eligibility. Ultimately, the final decision on the SSI/SSD claim determines an individual’s eligibility for Medicaid. 

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