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Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How soon should I call to set up appointments?

  1. It is recommended that you call in three to five business days prior to your appointment to insure that you are placed on the transportation schedule. **Trips called in to be scheduled without at least 48 hours notice cannot be guaranteed**

Q. Can I call NET if I have a medical emergency and need to get to the hospital?

  1. No please call 911. NET is NON-Emergency Transportation for use to and from Medicaid appointments.

Q. Will ABCD Transport me to a doctor out of the county?

  1. Yes. An out of county referral form will need filled out by the doctor for the appointment.

Q. When would I use the ABCD number?

  1. You would use the ABCD number (330-455-2699) if you need to know the status of where your ride is or if the driver has not shown up. Please call one of the NET Coordinators at Stark County Job and Family Services if you need to schedule transportation, cancel or change an appointment.

Q. My driver has not shown up yet to take me to or pick me up from an appointment, what do I do?

  1. If you have been waiting over 30 minutes for a driver to pick you up after your appointment you can call the number given to you by the driver or call ABCD directly(330-455-2699). Call ABCD directly if your transportation to an appointment has not shown up and it is getting close to your appointment time.

Q. How early do I need to be ready to be picked up to go to my appointment?

  1. Please be ready an hour prior to your appointment. You may be in a car/van with other riders and you will be picked up when it fits into ABCD’s schedule.

Q. Who do I call with complaints?

  1. Please call the NET Coordinators if you have a complaint or concern. Any appointments that you arrive late to or you are picked up from an appointment over 30 minutes after your call to ABCD need to be reported to the NET Coordinators also.

Q. Can someone come with me to my appointments?

A. Yes. Please let the NET Coordinators know that you will have someone with you when you schedule your appointments. If they are not informed ahead of time, there may not be enough space on the van/car to add an additional rider.



A person who has difficulty speaking or understanding English, or who is hearing impaired and is not able to communicate effectively with county job and family services staff, has the right to an interpreter. The cost of the interpreter will be paid by the county department of job and family services. The county office must provide an interpreter to you if you need one.  Individuals may bring an interpreter with them, such as a bilingual friend or relative. However, friends and relatives who are not trained interpreters may not be able to accurately and completely translate some things the agency says. Minor children should never be used as an interpreter.

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