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Jobs Self Sufficiency Program Information


The goal of the JOBS Program is to assist our customers who are receiving OWF in obtaining Self- Sufficiency and finding gainful employment.  Adults are required to participate with the JOBS Program to eliminate barriers, learn job readiness skills, and complete work experience hours in the community. The requirements for the JOBS Program are customized based on household composition. The chart below explains the JOBS Program hour requirements:

Household Composition

Weekly Required Hours

Monthly Required Hours

Single Parent with Child under the age of 1

20 hours

86 hours

Single Parent with Child under the age of 6

20 hours

86 hours

Single Parent with Child over the age of 6

30 hours

129 hours

Single Adult whom is pregnant in last trimester (no other children)

30 hours

129 hours

Two Parent Household

35 hours

151 hours


The JOBS Program has several assignments which meet the State Requirements for participation:

Paid Employment                                            Work Experience Program

Community Service                                         Vocational Education

Job Search/Job Readiness                             Job Club

The above assignment types can be combined for our customers to meet JOBS participation.

Job Club is a job readiness training class that must be attended for 6 consecutive days. Job Club gives the participant the necessary tools for a successful outcome in their search for employment. The topics discussed are resume writing, cover letters, completing job applications, interviewing, and searching for employment on the internet. Completion of this assignment is a requirement prior to authorization of OWF benefits.

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