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Resource Assessments


SCJFS provides FREE Resource Assessments for all applicants

Only required for married couples

No charge to applicants who complete an eligibility determination (regardless of eligibility outcome)

If you do not wish to apply now, but believe you might apply at a later date, it would be to your benefit to request a Resource Assessment now, as the amount of resources you presently own would have to be reconstructed if you apply in the future.

All requests for Resource Assessments, not in conjunction with a Medicaid application require a $50 fee


Other Resource Information

Certain resources may be protected for the use of the spouse who remains living in the community. SCJFS provides resource assessments to determine the amount of additional protected resources.

Some resources are considered totally exempt


*Primary home may be totally exempt based on circumstance or exempt from being counted as a resource for a period of time

 Based on current Medicaid rules.

Other resources are considered when determining eligibility, such as, but not limited to:


*Other than homestead property which may be exempt 

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