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SARTA's Proline Service

SARTA Proline service provides transportation services to all passengers with ADA recognized disabilities. Transportation is countywide in small buses that are furnished with the staff and equipment necessary to transport disabled individuals to and from their end point.  Unlike fixed route services, these trips are scheduled in advance. 

The NET staff at Stark County Job and Family Services will assist you in applying for Sarta Proline . Sarta Proline will determine eligibility and contact the client.

Interested in Training?

Utilizing transit service for the first time can be overwhelming.  SARTA has three travel trainers on staff who can walk you through how to book a ride and how to fully utilize the Proline service.  If you are interested in training call 1-855-TT-SARTA.  You can find out more information about the travel training program on the riding page of the Sarta website.

Individuals who take this Proline travel training course will be eligible to receive 2 one-ride Proline tickets (you must be a qualified Proline client in order to take the training course and receive passes). 

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SARTA Bus Passes

Medicaid eligible clients that wish to utilize SARTA Bus Services can request bus passes to use to and from Medicaid approved appointments. 

Bus passes are mailed to clients. Seven to ten days advance notice is required to allow sufficient mailing time.

The agency requires an Appointment Confirmation Form be completed by the doctor or facility for each appointment to verify that the bus pass was used for the appointment(s). This form will be sent to you by the NET Coordinator so you can take it with you to your appointment(s). This completed form will then need to be returned to the NET Coordinators in the provided envelope.

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